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As a holding company, eventa AG develops and finances companies in the technology sector with the focus on smart building automation and visualization systems as well as could-based solutions for data acquisition, analysis and evaluation. The enterprises of the owner-run eventa Group are highly specialized and have decades of experience in their respective area of expertise. Their mission is the implementation of complex projects that require individually tailored solutions.

The eventa Group owns the subsidiaries LB One Services, livebau and 010 Digital as well as the joint venture company AR Automation.

Logo livebau smart electric

Service provider for
✔ Digital lighting technology & infrastructure
✔ Data technology & visualization
✔ Automation & smart sensing

✔ Selling preconfigured distributors through their online store myVerteiler that are delivered ready to connect
✔ Providing repair and maintenance services for special devices (media technology, event equipment and architectural lighting) with FixtureDoc

Logo LB One Services

Service provider for
✔ Employee leasing
✔ Inhouse facility management
✔ Event production

✔ Qualified staff in the events and electrical engineering sectors
✔ Full-Service Package covering the entire organisation of events
✔ Facility management by an on-site team of specialists

Logo 010 Digital

IT service provider
✔ Web development & web design
✔ E-commerce & visual marketing
✔ Data technology & visualization systems

✔ Owner of the trade mark mavacon: provider of smart solutions for data acquisition and analysis of complex electrical systems
✔ Owner of the trade mark preussen automation: manufacturer of lighting technology, media systems and home automation products
✔ Owner of medientechnik24 online store for high quality lighting, media technology, control technology and home automation products

Logo AR Automation

AR control and monitoring solutions for
✔ Factories, vertical farms & logistics center
✔ Museums, leisure venues & theme parks
✔ Showrooms, retail & office buildings

AR Smart Control: Augmented Reality application to monitor and control
✔ Lighting
✔ Media technology
✔ Building technology

The products and services of the eventa Group companies are highly successful, not only in Germany but also internationally. Our customers include medium-sized enterprises as well as international corporations like BMW, Osram, Amadeus, Fraport, Swarovski and many others. The headquarters of the eventa Group, which was founded in 2000, are located in Seeshaupt (near Munich).

The eventa logo tells a lovely story about the many years of affiliation between eventa AG and its companies:

Partnerships - Lets team up!


The eventa Group is always looking for new partnerships in order to enable further development of new technologies and business ideas. We believe in exchange of expertise, mutual support and joint project work.
If you are interested in cooperating with the eventa Group or need more information about the multiple services offered by the different companies, please contact us any time.

Investor Relations – Information for investors


We are glad to see that you are interested in our company. The eventa Group regards itself as a business developer and operator. In its function as a holding, eventa AG makes major investments in the electrical engineering and electronics sector. With its specialized portfolio, the company has a clear long-term strategy to generate sustainable growth and open up additional market opportunities in the technology sector.

Open and reliable information relating to the position of the company lies at the heart of our investor relations work.
The following documents will provide investors with all important information:

Annual Report 2017 (PDF)
eventa Factsheet (PDF)
TÜV Certificate (PDF)

If you would like to find out more about our investor relations activities, you can contact us any time and we will be glad to provide you with more information on all questions surrounding the eventa Group.


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Logo der eventa AG

The eventa Group develops and finances companies in the technology sector.

Flurweg 11
82402 Seeshaupt

t: +49 8801 9119 - 0
f: +49 8801 9119 - 290


Global Launch of Yeelight Professional
Seeshaupt | Munich, 26/07/2020

livebau just added the new Yeelight Professional series to our product portfolio, which is based on the latest BLE Mesh technology. The Yeelight Pro series ranges from lamps to door and window sensors to control panels. We take over planning, delivery, assembly and programming.

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FCA takes part in the Night of Light with the help of livebau
Seeshaupt | Munich, 23/06/2020

Thanks to our livebau team, the WWK ARENA was lit up in red in the “Night of Light” at the end of June. The FCA thus participated in the nationwide campaign, in which more than 7,300 event locations were illuminated in red in order to draw attention to the consequences for cultural events caused by Corona.

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Digital building technology starts with lighting
Seeshaupt | Munich, 10/06/2020

Florian Felsch, CEO of livebau, will give a lecture on the topic of "Digital Lighting Technology and Control" at an expert event of Bayern Facility Management GmbH. The lighting in buildings is - before data technology - the most developed area of...

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